Rabu, 24 Jun 2009

our coming 9mths anniversary

ape senah?? dh dkt 9 bulan ko kawin?? saya sendiri hampir tk percaya.. how time flies..

down under bawah nie is for my en. hubby.. *entah dia baca ntah tidak*

you, you steal my heart and give me a smile
i have always been in love with you
my life now revolves around you
my hopes are all pinned on you
the sight of you makes me realise
you are the one my breath is tied to
make me forget my woes, dear husband
do smile and come, steal my heart
i live in a world of ur memories
never can my heart ever forget you
you mean the life to me
every time my heart beats
it craves for you
do smile and come, steal my heart
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**its a songs but saya tukar here and there sket2..** ~lagu aper?? sila carik sendiri.. jahat.. jahat~

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~zuraiwan~ berkata...

owhhh sudah masuk 9mths ek...moga2 kekal spjg hayat ye..