Ahad, 1 Mac 2009


saje2 jawab tag.. rembat tag nih..

The most sweet moments in your life?
When Boo says "I love U" and marry me!!! yawn!!!

Named your idol?
Dun have one.. is tat weird or wat.... aku rase tk..

What will you do if you're the last person in this world?
sitting at one corner and crying.. why??? why??? why???

The most important thing in your life?
Our family and my marrige life..

Arrange marriage or love marriage?
love marriage.. arrange marriage sgt2 la dolu kala..

Eight things that you'll bring along with you everyday?
1. handphone (my fav gajet dkt donia..)
2. wallet (brape hinggit kak nasik saye??)
3. makeup bag (still trying to look gorgeous..)
4. house key (even tk complete, aku ttp hurung ke hulu hilir..)
5. car key (nk idup kete pakai aper???)
6. money for sure!(sila rujuk pd wallet)
7. blotter (oily face aku nie..)
8. my blink2 (from hubby)

Eight things that you passionate about?
1. money
2. shoesssss
3. bagssss
4. music
5. my gajet
6. novel
7. speeding
8. babies

Your favorite quote or wisdom words?
'Blasah ajer..'

Your best listener or advisor?
my best friendss

Romantic words or poem you wrote?
noap.. but i have a couple of love songs and its dedicate to my beloved hubby.. muaks.. muaks.. muaks..

Ten love songs you been listening over and over again?
1. killing me softly with his song (my ringtone for hubby)
2. because you love me by celine dion
3. dealova by once
4. kenangan terindah by samsons
5. terima kasih cinta by afgan
6. afraid for love to fade away ost Nganyong nan ditoka
7. show me the meaning of being lonely by bsb
8. widuri by boery marantika
9. wanita by siti nurhaliza
10. kerna cintanya by siti nurhaliza

Shoes size?
8 or 9.. besor huh???

Named 5 your favorite perfume?
Eternity Moment by CK, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Cherry Blossom by Body Shop, Euphoria by CK and Flower by Kenzo.. mangi.. mangi..

Place you wanna visit?
Langkawi again for my honeymoon.. last time tk puas... Jom la Boo..

Hugs or kisses or sex?
all 3.. hahaha..

The most expensive thing you owned?
Red Myvi.. haiyo... until now ha, didn't finish bayar lagik tau..

Your valentine gift?
nan ado...

The most weird birthday present you got?
Penimbang berat.. huh.. sarcastic btol my mom!!

People you wanna tag?
tag urself pls..

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