Jumaat, 5 Disember 2008

Check tis out..

weh.. mlm nie tatau nk msk ape.. mak bapak aku gie rumah kazen coz ade rombongan merisik.. so, im not in the mood nk masak besor... jd i'm trying out my new recipe which i download from the internet.. Cucur Kentang.. huh.. how cool is tat.. cucur pn msok internet beb.. cucur ala cyber.. actually, mcm cucur biase jer.. just add the kentang in it la.. check out rupe wajah cucur kentang aku..

bukan over cooked ek.. i like it tis way.. more kriuk.. kriuk.. garing gitu.. and then u dip it dgn sos mayonnaise.. (sos cili +mayonis).. licin..

disebabkan terer, smbl masak, smbil aku nengok rancangan 'sweet for my sweet'.. gosh!! aaron aziz is so handsome.. see.. how God can create such a fine handsome man.. lucky wife... but still, for me, the handsome'st' living man on earth is my HERMAN... yeah!!!! hahahahah..

until next time.. adios!!! chow!!!

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