Jumaat, 28 November 2008

Tag... more QnA...

1. Do you think you are HOT?

Ntah.. ye la kot.. kt mate my hubby.. hehehehehee

2. Upload a fav pic of you

3. Why do you like this picture?

dun u think i looked sweet and innocent in this pic??

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?

last 2 weeks.. cik fiza belanja Domino's.. yummy.. sedap uols..

5. The last song you listen to?

lg 'Hello' by farah asyikin tue.. tk suke la lgu tue..

6. What are you doing right now besides this?

baru masuk opis.. lmbat sket sbb gie JAIS yg hampeh itew.. nnt bace yer my N3 nnt bout JAIS..

7. What name u prefer besides yours?

nothing.. NOOR RAZILA is fine wif me.. but, if i had a baby girl, i would like to name her, NOOR ANIS SABRINA.. NOOR (after my name) ANIS (special request frm hubby) and SABRINA (sound nice kan..)

8. People to tag

Apai, Shireen, Pn. CT Sarah, Arween, Muzai..

9. Who is no.1

she's one of my bestfriend msa kt poly dulu n still.. baby zafran dia kl dpt aku nk pelok smp kemek..

10. No.3 is having relationship with?

well, she's married.. who else.. her husband la.. Amri kot name hubby dia..

11. Say something about no.5

well, crazie cousins of mine.. i called her kakyong jajai.. when she's around, all we do is laugh, laugh and laugh.. bagai nk gile.. and she's sooo loyar buruk.. hahahah..

12. How about no.4?

dia nie junior aku ms kt ploy dulu.. she's also a blogger.. kate2 dlm N3 dia sgt cantik.. i like.. kreatif dia main ayat.. mst romantik orang nyer kan arween..

13. Who is no.2

ha... dia nie bini acit.. also best friend of mine.. geng skali la dgn aku msa kt poly dulu.. a mother of 2.5 (hehehe.. she's xpectinglah!!).. nick name dia Comot sbb ms kt poly dl, kl dia pakai bedak powder lps mandi, mst comot..

Doing tag is fun..... sbb blh jd platform utk bgtau org ape do and dont's u.. so, ppl can know u better rite.. hehehehe.. tp buat tag mmg best gile... ouh untuk KAK FARA, thanks sbb tang yong and YES, I MISSED U TOOOOOO.... BERI2 MUCH LA... MUAKS!!!

3 ulasan:

jesnita_ns berkata...

yong tag le aku plak..

fara mustapha berkata...

heheheh...gud girl...dah buat homework...kalau tak buat...mmg kena rotan ataupun k.fara jemur kat tgh panas sampai hangit...hahhahah...

KasihKuAlRayyan berkata...

apai: aku dh tag ko ler...

kak fara: heheheh.. jgn ler.. cukup2 ler herman sorang yg dh hangit.. kang laki bini hangit kang..